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The Race for Iran

Rules and Regulations For www.RaceforIran.com

We are very grateful to all our readers for their interest and dedication to an informed debate on www.TheRaceForIran.com. As we elaborated in our manifesto when we started this blog, we launched www.TheRaceForIran.com to track and understand the “race for Iran”, in all of its myriad dimensions. In practical terms, www.TheRaceForIran.com seeks to serve three main purposes:

First, The Race for Iran presents cutting-edge analyses of Iran and its geopolitics.

Second, The Race for Iran serves as a “clearing house” for essential material on Iran and its geopolitics.

Third, The Race for Iran provides a forum for an ongoing conversation about Iran and its geopolitics, for interested persons all over the world.

More specifically, the purpose of the comment section is to promote informed debate, share pertinent information and news items, and encourage constructive criticism and analysis about Iran and its geopolitics. Although we are very reluctant to block or take down any comments, we think that at this point it will sometimes be necessary to keep the blog focused on its purpose. The comment section is monitored. Messages containing any of the following elements will be taken down:

Personal attacks against other contributors;

Racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory or hateful language;

Provocations designed to derail discussions away from substantive debate into dead-end arguments;

Links to commercial sites or posting of commercial messages;

Threats of death or violence.

Finally, we ask commentators to maintain a respectful tone with others and to be tolerant of opinions that may differ from their own.

Again, our many thanks for your readership and participation,

Flynt, Hillary, and Ben